The effects of sleep deprivation killer


“Sleep seems to be the most important indication how long you will live”

This is a researcher William Dement observations, founder the first middle sleep study at Stanford University, USA. If familiarize note that while this is the most important indicator of how long we live, it is also a good indication of how well we live. Notice the difference? Sleep determines how long you live, but it’s not enough just to live another hundred years or more, then you can be summed up in four words: “A life of pain.” It is important to live well in your quest to live.

Another researcher, Deborah Suchecki, a study of sleep centers in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s remarks – “If people knew what was going on in the sleep-deprived body, then I think prior to the conclusion twice that sleep is a waste of time or just lazy “

lack of sleep and insomnia is not intentional. The lack of sleep, you do not have enough time to sleep. Insomnia other hand, the inability to sleep despite the fact that sufficient time.

I think people just feel that smart, probably sexy to say “train myself to sleep two or three hours a day, and learn to get along “- after all, we’re all taught, the law of attraction – creating a world truly desire, determination of goals and discipline yourself to achieve them.

I think this is stupid, stupid maybe try to live life to the above specifications. There’s really no gain trying to deprive yourself of sleep. Nobody said that Mark Zukerberg; Facebook founder and was perhaps the richest under 25 years old, sleep-deprived before he made his billions. I’ve never read that Steve Jobs of [Apple's superman] or Warren Buffet is sleep-deprived, and in front of a great success.

If you are as smart as the fulfillment of the targets to deprive yourself of sleep, you might also have heard of the Pareto Principle – the 80/20 rule. I can tell you that to your face that only about 20 percent of 80percent of the total results in their daily activities? The secret of success is the law does not do too many things at once, or depriving yourself of sleep you need, you can simply FOCUSING – 20percent focusing on the matter.

When we are sleep-deprived, it’s like saying you do not need or do not need food as a nutrient for our health. Sleep is essential to so many aspects of our lives. This is just normal sleep, the best part is that smarter, and sexier to get a good sleep.

Take a small study, which arises yourself when you’re sleep-deprived.

in the short run – just two days you can experience this

-Sudden mood swings
-Loss short-term memory
Of -Loss capacity to create, plan and carryout activities
-Loss concentration


-Premature aging
-Increased Risk of infection
-Cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases
-chronic Memory loss

Think about it. If money, fame, recognition, or anything caused by lack of sleep, you can get any of these effects [I'm pretty sure you do not need me to elaborate on the points], what use is it to you?

Remember what you really want in your life in balance. Fragile health + nothing [money, fame, wealth, recognition …] unequal balance.

My advice? Try and work rules, laws and guidelines – welfare legislation, health, prosperity, abundance and success. Nobody asked you to sleep 7, 8, 9, or 10 hours.


Source by Achi Amaechi

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