Hair loss


My True Story

Like many of you, I am also a victim of hair loss …..

More and more Singaporean men lose their “crown of glory “and this trend is getting earlier and earlier.On streets these last years, what could be the site of a number of relatively young people who are bald or balding. Compare this phenomenon, say, ten years ago, when this phenomenon is not often seen.

This trend balding men in Singapore sparking a growing number of hair treatment centers. Hair treatment centers practically have sprung up all over the island with the likes of Beijing 101, Yunnan, Svenson, Bossin etc. causes hair loss can be inherited or caused by stress, pharmaceutical drugs, poor diet, oily scalp, etc., and these may manifest in a number of shape or type of hair loss such as male pattern baldness, telogen effluvium, alopecia areata, etc. in the normal human loses about 50-100 hairs a day, and this loss is not alarming.

However, more efforts should be made to the doctor lost a day before it is too late.Hair woman in the follicle, and if someone does not take action balds and the follicles eventually die, and there will not be more growth. It will be too late for any action. Note that when I say bald, usually a man does not go completely bald, the scalp follicles on the human side, above the year-programmed parts of life, and the hair is growing in the fields of life. followed balding pattern as Norwood chart. There are three stages of hair growth: anagen (growth phase), catagen (the intermediate phase), and telogen (the shedding phase). Hair loss occurs when the hair grows fast and hangars.

Over the average life cycle of the hair for 2-3 years and each hair growth is expected to hold for 25 cycles, balding occurs when these cycles are accelerated and completed so quickly that at the end of the cycle, the follicle dies off and the hair will never grow back. I understand your post, a lot of technical terms and jargons. The Internet offers a plethora of services which can be resources to research and better understand the depth of hair loss. In this post, I just pretty much summarizes what I understand and experience hair loss my studies and very personal experiences.In the past have been very thick volumes of the hair so that I complained about having to go to the barber as often as my hair grows so rapidly. Shower, hair loss hair would not be so strong. Next medical treatment about two years ago, a supposedly reputable clinic and consumer of the drug nimigen, I notice hair loss, the hair is shed dozens of bed and bath sinks a day so much so that I stopped taking the drug nimigen and stop the laser treatments .

Consumption nimigen, my complexion is dry, as it is supposed to prevent facial oiliness, but overdoes. To this day, I still do not know the real cause of hair loss, although I think it has to do the laser treatment significantly and consumption nimigen. In retrospect, they did not complete the treatment, and the consumption of drugs and the doctor also asked the nurses to force me to continue further treatment and at the same time, refuting my assertions directly. I spent almost $ 3K only lose even more. Otherwise, this is the past now, and nothing can be done to turn back the clock. What I want to share with readers here are my experiences and what he went through in combat hair loss and hopefully some useful glimpses of it, or hours for those who are currently suffering from hair loss.Okay the start, first stopped all the reasons that I believe that They contributed to hair loss and to stop medical treatments and nimigen consumption. But even so, two months down the road, the hair loss has subsided, so did not have time to make some real actions.

on the Internet, I came to learn of the two medicines called Propecia, a medicine used orally, costing about $ 95 dollars then 28 tablets You should take one tablet per day; and local minoxidil hair spray called (called Regaine, Rogaine, Growell etc. in the market), and a $ 95 a bottle, that can last a month.I went to a doctor and prescribed Propecia, who one pill three months, I quit after that day .

Why did you stop? First, there was no improvement, on the other hand began to experience side effects which were mentioned this medication, that is to feel less masculine, although there was a minor side effect of the drug was produced and that the proportion of users affecting only a small part. With these two factors, I stopped this medication and less-as- masculine feeling that transition finally subsided. You can not use minoxidil, as I learned side effects. I want to list all the possible side effects of two drugs is this: Propecia: lack of “manliness’Minoxidil. It grows scalp sensitivity, itching, dandruff, increase sensitivity to the sun And the main drawback of these two scientific evidence of drugs is that once you stop these two medicines that the new hair that you grow will fall again So these two drugs must be used for life Imagine the cost involved to maintain these newly formed hair!! $ 100 (all such treatments a month), it is the amount translates to $ 1,200 and more per year, and so on ……


thus, the completion of the use of Propecia, I began to discover natural ways to heal. one way that I thought was a mild shampoo like Johnson’s Baby shampoo, but the mild concentration was not strong enough to clear the oilness I can scalp. Hair loss due to oiliness and dandruff, as I experience these symptoms as dandruff pillow.

So I decided to investigate with the help of specialists, and there was a huge array of choices dermatogists and hair treatment centers. I went to one of these hair treatment center for a free consultation, and these “professionals” scanned my hair, only to reveal patches of oil and a lot of these “experts” in a package for me to clear my scalp greasiness. The package costs a bomb, and I do not like the pushiness of this work with the introduction of these packages to me. Also I have heard many stories of people spent over $ 10,000 on these supposedly good cure only lose even more hair, or in addition to unprecedented improvements to waste your hard earned money! Thus, the hair treatment centers scared me off at this point, and I decided that instead of the top hair dermatologist in Singapore. It was not cheap. First consultation alone cost $ 80. A dermatologist checked my hair and said there was nothing wrong. He prescribed me two shampoo Nizoral ($ 25) and a gentle shampoo ($ 21) must be replaced daily and rotate the control of sebum on the scalp at night applied after washing ($ 18).
However, there was still no improvement.

In fact, the residue of sebum regulator produced little sticky white marks on my hair once my hair dried to such an extent that my colleagues thought my hair had dandruff. Furthermore, the hair is still very few greasy dandruff and coated well, despite the use of strong and useful shampoos supposed that the upper dermatologist prescribed. He confirmed this fact when he jumped into a hair treatment center in a shopping mall curiosity and not a free consultation with the center. The “research” that used the service center magnified many times over my scalp glands, revealing the greasy stains, it really looks ugly this a hundred times magnification of the sebaceous glands in the scalp. Operators said the scalp glands were choked with oil, and it can cause hair loss; I did not want to have any chance of center and left it out. I went to a second consultation with a dermatologist seen before. Again, the dermatologist said there was nothing wrong with my hair or my scalp and the results of “hair-pull” He made me test showed no unusual hair loss. After

Listen to the story of my medical treatment, and drug nimigen consumed, suspected that this may be caused by medication telogen effluvium, a condition which leaves only times to come; although oily scalp can be a contributing factor as well. He said that he knew nothing except to help me identify the cause of hair loss through a scalp biopsy ($ 589) and a blood test ($ 169); no price indicated GST. Hearing price, I hesitated, but an urge to find out the real reason he decided to take the plunge and made the scalp biopsies and blood tests test.I did the blood test first and the pain was nothing compared to the scalp biopsy I have been subjected to in the future. This was not a joke, having a head piece removed surgically under the scalp and, despite the use of terrible pain anesthetics prior to treatment. After all the tests, the nurse rubbed Bactroban cream on the part of the scalp, which is surgery to kill bacteria; The sewing this part of the scalp. It is still a little pain, every time that there was a shampoo and a stitched portion of the scalp. I was told to come back in two weeks to remove the stitches, and so the results of the diagnosis. It got the rest of Bactroban cream is applied daily to the affected scalp to relieve the pain and kill the bacteria. Two weeks later, I returned to the clinic to remove the stitches, and the result is a dermatologist in my hand; and the result showed that it was telogen effluvium.

The dermatologist said it was good, because it is the state which may be due to the medication I finally subside after a while. He expects that it will take months and days soon.But unfortunately been in vain. Seeing tons of hair in the sink, and wakes up everyday to witness hundreds of hair scattered on my bed in the bathroom floor did nothing to allay that my illness would go away. A visit to the dermatologist also drained me financially, and in a desperate move, I decided to try out some off-the-counter hair loss products available in pharmacies. I tried the Himalayan Hair Loss Cream (herbal medicine) for about a month, but in vain, so I went to see a dermatologist again in the fourth and the fifth time (it was in April and May last year), but appreciated again, a dermatologist and he said there was nothing wrong in My hair is not male pattern loss, or whatever. But really, my hair is getting thinner and thinner day.

He prescribed me a stronger shampoos and sebum control I used, did not see any improvement. It was at this time that I finally decided not to see a dermatologist once again was not easy to use at all! Hair continued to fall and fall. From that time (7 June), is more or less accepted my fate, “and accepted the loss is a fact. I tried Kaminomoto hair growth accelerator and a good shampoo called Melaleucca shampoo recommended my friend, but it really did not use it at all. The telogen effluvium, which was diagnosed it does not seem that the hair disease, which surprised me, because I just can not stop within a short period. it was over a year, and my hair has continued to fall as rain. over the whole of this hair loss trials were carried out several researches loss of through the Internet, which is further equipped me knowledge of all for hair loss. I tried all I could observe what you eat (less oil), watching your diet, regular exercise, and even cut down some coffee and tea. But this does not work at a loss.

He also shared my findings with others in a web discussion forum posting and the thread I saw some weird 55,000 readers before eventually removed by the administrator. My knowledge learned on the internet and my ordeal, I shared some of these forumers; Some of them even wrote to me to ask questions. Hair loss, there really is not a fix miracle cure: what works for one does not work for others. Hair loss does not affect my life one bit: he wakes up in the morning and after shampooing, I counted the number of strands of hair that I lost, and any number less would do little happier. I used to enjoy the wind, but now I avoid being “against” a flurry of fear that the wind is blowing off some of my hair. It does not help that Singapore can get breezy at times! And definitely, my self-esteem would suffer a bit of a loss, and it did not help that my girlfriend is still not at my age! Hair loss is likely to deal with a serious handicap in the “image-conscious” society; although it may not always be true: I still have my fair share of admirers some girls have not been transferred to the MRT looks.Entering day, still observed a young man at different stages of baldness; Sometimes I’ve seen friends who have not seen for some years completely bald!

This shocked me and brought me to the reality that balding in Singapore is not just my problem, it’s our problem! This is due to stress in this fast-paced society of ours? Or is it because of the diet here, which is due to a number of young men and women are bald?


Source by Ken David

Aryabhata, Indian mathematician


Aryabhata (476-550 AD) was born in Magadha Patliputra modern Patna in Bihar. Many people are of the opinion that at the time he was born in the southern Indian Kerala in particular, lived in Magadha Gupta rulers; time, which is called the golden age of India. There is no evidence that he was born outside Patliputra and traveled to Magadha, the center of education and learning studies, where he also set up in the middle of a workout. The first is called “Arya” is hardly the southern Indian name while “Bhatt” (or Bhatta) of a typical North Indian name is found today, especially among the ‘Bania’ (or merchant) community.

Whatever it is derived, can not be said that he lived in Patliputra where he composed his famous treatise on “Aryabhata-Siddhanta,” but more famous for “Aryabhatiya,” the only work that survived. It contains the mathematical and astronomical theories has turned out to be quite accurate modern mathematics. For example, he wrote that if you add 4 to 100, and then divided by 62,000 multiplied by 8 20000 answers we will be equal to the circumference of a circle with a diameter twenty thousand. It calculates the 3.1416 close to the actual value Pi (3.14159). But the biggest contribution will be zero. His other works in algebra, algebra, trigonometry, quadratic equations and the sine table.

already knew that the earth rotates on its axis, the earth moves around the sun, and the moon revolves around the Earth. He talks about the situation regarding the movement of the planets around the sun. He suggests that the light from the planets and the moon as a reflection of the sun. He goes so far as to explain the eclipse of the moon and sun, day and night, the contours of the land, the length of the year, exactly 365 days.

even calculated the circumference of the earth 24 835 miles, which is near the present-day calculation of 24900 miles.

This remarkable man was a genius, and remains puzzled many mathematicians today. His works will be accepted by the Greeks and the Arabs later.


Source by Shalini Singh

Overseas property buyers go mad in Languedoc-Roussillon France


France fortunate that the housing market is stable. The consistency is likely to continue in the coming years. Low French property prices are still an attractive and reassuring the expected strong growth in the overseas property buyer. France still offers investors a good opportunity to benefit from rising property values, there is a region that seems to becoming more popular every year, and this region of Languedoc-Roussillon

The Languedoc-Roussillon

in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France called the upper region of greatest growth in the French property market .Languedoc-Roussillon is located in the south of France and stretches from the Mediterranean sea to the warm climate, beautiful coastal scenery. Big cities Languedoc-Roussillon include Perpignan, Nimes is a city amino border provinces of Languedoc and Provence, Carcassone Toulouse, Avignon, Narbonne and Beziers – the main cities in Languedoc Roussillon, South of France.

Languedoc-Roussillon region, which is blessed with mountains, rivers and lakes, ancient towns and villages all

Languedoc-Roussillon , thermal springs, abbeys and cathedrals, palaces and castles, naturism, resorts and Languedoc-Roussillon facts capital: Montpellier region area: 27 376 sq. km. Region’s population: 2,295,648 counties (the capital) 11 Aude (Carcassonne) 30 Gard (Nimes) 34 Hérault (Montpellier) 48 Lozère (Mende), 66 Pyrénées-Orientales (Perpignan) – Montpellier capital of Languedoc-Roussillon

the capital of the region is booming

, the capital of Languedoc-Roussillon in Montpellier pace of life is slow and the quality of life is excellent. The architecture is a mix of old and new, and mix well. Montpellier is booming, and recently voted one of France’s most popular city to live in – thanks to the beautiful and serene Centre Historique ‘center, elegant shops and close to the beach

Buying French property and you’re set to win

Associated organization of real estate agencies in the country (FNAIM) named Languedoc since the first region, the long-term growth, in order to demonstrate the region enjoyed a 10.3% increase in housing prices for the first quarter of 2006 putting it away in the top spot for investment.

according to a survey of UK bank Abbey National also indicated that the Languedoc-Roussillon region was the most popular area of ​​the UK overseas property buyers.The survey showed that the majority of these buyers are willing to invest between £ 50,000 and £ 150,000 property region.

The new French property buyers

The region has seen the arrival of new ethnic buying French property in Languedoc Roussillon region. Real estate buyers can now people in Singapore, Japan, Australia and South Africa. The traditional foreign buyers in the area, English, Irish, Scottish, Belgian, Dutch and German to keep the market strong. The climatic conditions of the French buying property here as well; they tend to be relocated to Paris and the north of the country, “Dynamic-year growth, combined with a strong rental market, where a four-bedroom villa with a swimming pool rental € 1,000 plus the high season, makes this area an investor’s dream.

buying French property seems never to lose its attraction this despite the fact that several new European markets, where prices are low and short-term profits high. Overseas property customers seem to gain the second place, the location of the apartments. France is a wonderful place to buy a second home for retirement or as a holiday home in the Languedoc-Roussillon region at this time seems to be very popular. France is a huge country, and each region has something to offer to the overseas buyer.

Copyright 2006 Nicholas Marr


Source by Nicholas Marr

The Home Depot – Bernie Marcus, Arthur Blank success factors


famous quote

“We believed from the beginning that if a customer has a quality goods at the right price, and offered excellent service, we could change the retail trade in the United States. Today, we are a model of what retail should be. “

from the business

in 1970, Bernie Marcus and Arthur blank both working in a Southern California home center called Handy Dan, when Siegfried S. Sigoloff, senior management of the company known to have bought it, bought the struggling Daylin Inc., parent company of Handy Dan. As Handy Dan was profitable, it was empty and Marcus certain jobs were safe. But they were wrong. False accusation against the two, which claimed that allowed a child open an account and use the resources to fight the union of Handy Dan Stores in San Jose.

Before firing, but Marcus and Blank have been working to find a profitable way discounting Handy Dan locations. It noted that the marking down items, volume and costs rose as a percentage of sales decreased. At that time, when they lost their jobs they are already planning to implement the discovery of other stores, but are now free to begin to build a national home center chain private. He planned to develop a store where product selection was great and the prices are kept as low as possible and, where skilled, knowledgeable and helpful customer service representatives provided the best service.

The venture began in suburban Atlanta with money in a New York investment firm. These shelves are filled with the first two stores 18,000 different products, all paint supplies specialized equipment repair, cut prices as much as possible, and hired and trained staff themselves. On the opening day, they gave the kids a stack of $ 1 bills handed out to customers thank you buy in the store, but at the end of the day, there was still money left, and the kids were out in the parking lot of money to try to convince people to go in and have a look.

Both depressed and disheartened. Marcus remembers that “[his] wife would not let [him] shave the day. He did not want to [him], a razor [his] hands.”

Construction of the Empire

A few days after the opening, the customer returned a token gratitude – a bag for Marcus – the positive experience of shopping at Home Depot. Although I do not like to, that was the turning point, and word of mouth began to spread.

Money is still tight (top workers stacked empty cardboard boxes and paint cans shelves so that the stores appeared in several packaged goods than they really were), but because the first two stores were good, empty and Marcus has decided that two, this time in Miami. Miami two additional stores and then two months later. November 22, 1981, the company went and investments and profits exploded. The chain has expanded and profitability far exceeded my expectations. Originally projected $ 9 million worth of sales per store average sales exceeded $ 17 million. Prior to 1990, 118 stores were pulling $ 2.7 billion in sales.

Less than two decades, from 1999, Home Depot has become the world’s largest home-improvement merchant. Furthermore, it has become an international company stores in Canada and South America, and will continue to expand. Blank insists that the basic principles of the company, although it has grown so huge, “were taped in those early years, and has never changed. Prices were low then, and is still low today. And the service was excellent then and still he is today, “

core values ​​and Company secrets

Marcus and Blank, as the book is” built from scratch “attributes the success of the eight core values:

-. Give excellent customer service.

– Take care of the people

– Develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

– respect for all people.

– do the right thing; not only do things right.

– Give back to the community as an integral part of doing business.

– Watch out for the shareholders.

– Build strong relationships associates, customers, suppliers and communities.

The success of Home Depot also shows how encouraged customers to do it themselves. The Home Depot vendors hired for their knowledge and understanding of home repairs and direct customers to the equipment they may need for a particular project. Short practical courses are also offered in the stores to teach various aspects of repair and remodeling.

Blank and Marcus takes “journey” and show up unannounced in stores. They say the experience is good for them because they constantly learn from their peers – that marketing strategies have changed because of these opportunities to learn from the ground, who know more about the product, and deal with customers directly.

Furthermore, empty and Marcus operate under the “Running Scared” method of treatment, where 90% of their meetings and the issues of how to outdo competitors’ approaches or products that are in demand and what customers will not find in stores. Longstanding goal is to continually work to improve the current standards. And he certainly has worked for them so far.


Source by Evan Carmichael

How to Set Up Your Retail Business goods


An essential part of any retail business already planned ahead will determine how to maximize the space available for trading at the store, and how it is best if the wall space and the middle floor commercial areas. Effectively organizing your products in the specified location to store the key to success, especially if you have a brand image or ‘attitude’ to reflect. Product placement, how that product merchandisied how to achieve the look of the product and the overall visual balance of the business is the most important density to retail success. As the population of the tactile receivers customer who likes to interact with the products (touch, feel, try things), you need to be vigilant in fulfilling needs. It is therefore essential goods to create and present the best for your business. Therefore, with this in mind, it is wise to plan the store layout to ensure that the product positioning in the drawing is the best commercial decisions to maximize sales growth of the business. After the initial draft layout is complete, the Shopfittings & fixtures must be designed around the needs of the products and layout. In this way, the fitting rooms can be arranged with nearby that you would expect buyers want to try on the clothes, etc., instead of the retailer know who ask men to use the same fitting rooms, the Lingerie department – needless to say not many people try in the in the shop!

So always start with the merchandise created in the workshop of a basic floor plan. The floor plan to more effectively deliver sales, some important points to consider:

1 – Know Your Customer – Who is your target? If you have a clear understanding of customer demographics you are targeting, it will be in a better position to make decisions about where to put each line to attract them to the store. Check out the local competitors and steal some layout ideas for them, especially if it is the target customer that shops.

2 – Brand Image – What is the brand identity? How important is it to you / your business and how to brand-conscious customer? Asking yourself these questions will help you make the trading decisions that premium, depending on the service lines or key brands of the customer type.

3 – Promotional Products Lines -Promotional ideally placed in an area of ​​the store to be clearly visible at the entrance. Since these types of lines generally offer lower profit margin per sale, it is important that the promotional drives sales to the loss due to the difference promo prices. Therefore, with this in mind, the promotional lines should be located in an area of ​​the store where customers expect a lot of traffic. for example, at the entrance to the store, the till point at the edge of sidewalks, at the entrance to classes, etc ..

4 – Main Range Lines – the bulk to be grouped types of core products and then color before merchandised to shop equipment. If the women’s apparel retail store for example, you have the best performance, unplug all women’s clothing collections color story so a “cabinet” effect which wll appeal and entice the female shopper.

To be a credible representation with each product line is set, try to group similar, related or associated product types (eg, shoes, earrings, handbags all grouped accessories) .Once have been grouped into logical product areas for all products and floor plan will begin to develop and locate zones of these products in the drawing can begin. You might develop several layout draft before it is fully satisfied that even the most attractive trading floor plan of your business. As a general rule, we can say that this product line is the best appeal (could be brand appeal, newest range instore, best visual, etc..) Must be merchandised on the wall areas of high density promotional lines and smaller capsule collections better suited center floor equipment.

distribution of the center area of ​​the plan is that the products should not forget that the customer will recognize a layout where everything makes sense and logically laid out and organized. The ease-of shopping is a big plus factor for most customers! Therefore, any brand or promotional signage, marketing, photography or images that are available to be used to enhance within the designated areas or Brands in the shop to stand out from the main range and add interest to your store.

to draft the best center floor plan must first imagine where users enter the store and visualize what a trip around the desired store them that in order to receive maximum exposure to the products. A larger area to cover their customers in the store the more they see, the more you buy. Once the boardwalk / s have been created in the drawing simply slips into the product zones or mini departments around the edges of the main walkway ensures that the flow of product zones or mini departments logical. The cleaner the deal, the more the customer can actually see the products, and the greater the chance of them buying something. To add further clarify how the layout is a little early to lead the mini display all classes allows the customer to change the products move along the walkway / s.


Source by Lesley Haggarty

CECT Quadrift EFI 500cc Quad Bike – ATV


Fun 4 wheels?

When I first caught a glimpse of this Quad Bike early 2009, I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is another one of those episodes Sinclair! ”

What was wrong?

CECT something went totally crazy development work in the market, but with some love and attention to features that other manufacturers are trying to charge you extra. While very careful with what you did, there was no compromise on quality and production.

style of some extra fun, the CECT 500 EFI Quadrift pulled up very close to the mark, and bordering on something else. He not only filled a gap in the Quad Bike market, but have also created another, which once you have taken the time to ride one will fully understand what I mean.

The extremely low center of gravity they threw the cards down and said, “You want a little fun?”

Personally, I think that this is something we ALL do with our lives, to take away the blues today’s political torture and the news that fit for people who have nothing better to do.

what these guys did is take something that is or has become very boring for some time and two extra lump of sugar to sweeten up. Extra low center of gravity makes this bike handles as if on rails, and punch 500cc EFI packaging plant lights the blue touch paper and watch this rocket explodes.

The return of a 30+ childhood perhaps? And that’s not just there!

Talk to thoughtful (or is marketing gone mad) they are lifting Goose Bump experience the so-called “floating Transmission”. Now you have to have the drift? (Sorry …)

Switching differential mode is drifting, and it will be completely closed at the back, and works as Roger Clark Mk1 Ford Escort back in the ’70s. This is one of the features that will leave you holding the eye socket so that if they returned to the bags of time to enjoy the experience and amazing control alone.

And if that were not enough, not willing to charge you for things such as alloys and digital instrument panel (unlike some manufacturers could mention) Here are just a snip of what to expect:


  • Frame – Something called “UCS” , which means Ultra Secure Frame
  • suspension – Fully independent suspension with adjustable shocks
  • wheels – alloys standard low-profile tires
  • Brakes – Dual front and rear brakes are 250mm wheels
  • Instruments – Racing action discs LCD, which multi-function display
  • And when I say, multi-functional, there is more to play than the average game console!

    This fashion has gone completely barking, or clever design and marketing?

    Personally, I think that’s a good mix of both viewers extra strength to the design department. There is one thing I guarantee (apart from the obvious entertainment that is) that the industry will be in the next 6-12 months, words, and I – some of them are so much the same, but more expensive.

    That CECT (or see-tek because I want to be known) has been the next step in the design of this machine shops. As for you, and you will find it difficult to get a come the spring of next year because of the high demand – so do not wait for the sales because there will be one!


    Source by Darren P Moore

    Aquitaine, France Festivals – 11 Great Festivals Aquitaine


    The Celtic influence, unique architecture and elegant resorts in the region of Aquitaine and its departments endless attractions. Spectacular golf course in famous art, wine tasting in the many outdoor activities ..

    But do not forget that there are some great festivals and celebrations. Let’s look at a few of them out.

    Here are some of the most famous festivals in Aquitaine, France (please note that we tried to the best possible dates available, but it depends on the information provided relevant websites)

    1. Bayonne Carnival – Town Centre, Avenue du Mar & eacute; challenge-Leclerc, 17th -18th February 2013
    This cute kindergarten kids carnival led the way with pride parade in the streets. Full of fun and attractions the whole family can enjoy music, face painting, workshops, colorful carnival parade and during the two days.

    2. Carnival on Two River shore – Garonne river in Bordeaux, March 4, 2013
    Every year, the Bordeaux Carnival takes a different theme, but one thing remains the same every year, this is a great opportunity for the party, fun for families and a time to get dressed. If you have children with you, there are plenty of activities and parades them, plus the carnival includes appetizers, workshops and presentations.

    3rd International Festival of Religious Music, Lourdes, 15 to 31 March 2013
    This is what happens to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, the Avenue Monsignuer- th & eacute; as. Groups from all over France and abroad have come to perform in classical religious music and church.

    4. Carnival Agen – Town Centre, Andr & eacute Re; Gide, 31 March to 1 April 2013
    welcoming of spring, it’s a chance to dress up and enjoy the celebration in the streets. It’s a family affair, so if you have kids with you, you should love it too. It ends up pancakes on Tuesday, when Mr. Carnival (Carnaval Monsieur) effigy is paraded through the streets and burned.

    5. gastronomic feast, Sarlat, Dordogne, 17 to 18 May 2012 (waiting for 2013)
    les Journ & eacute; es du Terroir
    These two days of pure and perfect foodie-ness! Enjoy excellent local products like walnuts, truffles, pork products and much more.

    This is a perfect opportunity to learn how to do interesting tasks such as pressing walnut oil, jam or prepare a carved goose. Then back home some new skills!

    There are also workshops for children, and see the farm animals.

    6 Biarritz Arts Festival – Avenue Edouard VII 2 to 5 June 2013
    Let the fun begin as art performers take over the town of Biarritz! Creativity leaked all over the city, you can enjoy jugglers, dancers, actors, musicians and many more.

    7. Biarritz Oceans Festival – Avenue Edouard VII 16 June to 23 June 2013
    If you feel like you can swim Biarritz part of this festival! Apart from this, there are plenty of activities during the festival. Check out street theater, outdoor movies, lots of entertainment, including Basque music!

    8. Bordeaux Wine Festival – (dates to be confirmed) June 28, 2014 to July 1, 2014
    If the visitor Aquitaine and have a deep sense of love for the wines, the festival should never be left out of the route. Bordeaux Wine Festival has become famous not surprising wine lovers from France and other countries. Join the other 300,000 or so visitors to this huge celebration on the banks of the Garonne.

    We need to pass the taste, because it opens the possibility to choose from a variety of wine samples and 400,000 will also be initiated in the art of wine tasting, not just the old “knock back” method of taste!

    When night falls, enjoy absolutely superb fireworks.

    9. Bay of Arcachon Oyster Festival – June, July and August
    As the name suggests, this festival oyster lovers or curious tourists who may be waiting for an aphrodisiac!

    The fabulous oysters, and the bay is a fairly nice charming fishing village. According to the latest data, we believe that there are more than 50 miles of pristine beaches in this area.

    This famous export is celebrated in the months between June and August. Treat yourself to the fruits of a healthy and great sea, meet oyster farmers and when the tide permits, visit the oyster.

    The 10th Festival de Jazz de 7ème Sanguinet Festival – 25 to 28 July 2013
    A famous festival in Sanguinet that presents a spectacular concert of jazz musicians from different parts of the world. This usually happens in the last week of July and features various African jazz including jazz, swing and blues.

    11 Bergerac Summer Music Festival – waiting time (usually mid-July to the end of August)
    a large and beautiful music event, visitors can enjoy the music castles, abbeys and mansions in this area. More concerts and a series of performances of music genres such as rock, classical, jazz and funk – it has grown one of the largest music festivals in Europe.


    Source by Jackie A De Burca

    Direct Insurers Vs Traditional Insurance Brokers


    There are two types of insurance brokers, direct and conventional. We will have a look at the comparison of the two aid you that will help you determine which will be best for you.

    Direct Insurance

    Direct insurance car insurance companies realized that they can save money by cutting out the “middle man.” By dealing directly with the customer, instead of paying a broker or intermediary, they are able to cut costs and thus much lower fees.

    Because these companies do not have access to the offices of the public for them and brings new customers, they use marketing tools to entice the customer. Advertising their services billboards, television, radio, print media and the like, it has attracted the interest of the public. The Direct Insurance and a call center, where potential customers by phone and retrieve the service.

    The caller provides every detail of the company directly, and it is usually less paperwork than an insurance broker. A common myth is that there is no commission at all these Direct insurance companies, but this is not true. After the call center agent’s commission for registration, but this one-time thing. Traditional insurance agents commissions you can get money from the broker to keep monthly fees.

    Traditional Insurance Broker based

    These car insurance brokerages have existed for a very long time, as opposed to the relatively new idea of ​​Direct insurance. Traditional Insurance Brokers have developed a very clear separation between the customer and creating. The theory is that if there is a separate specialized entities, all brokerage closer ties to customers and offer them better service. The risks can then understand better.

    So which is better?

    hard to argue that the type of insurance will save you more money. Nominal value may seem like a direct insurers will be cheaper, especially when considering the fact that they cut out the middle man and therefore his charges. It is wise to note that these companies have a lot Huger advertising budgets than traditional Insurance Brokers. Sometimes the money to the offices they hold order has been used in advertising, in order to entice customers. This allows the expensive fees. This is usually the exception to the rule though, and only research and you will find the insurance Direct comparisons with what is best for you.

    Traditional insurers sometimes offer a better deal than direct insurers. This is particularly so if the household includes the content of the insurance claim. You will get a discount if you decide to insure more than one vehicle company. Unfortunately, if you do not have to insure in obtaining the contents of the household car insurance, you may find that the traditional insurance is a more expensive option.

    Generally speaking, in certain cases it is cheaper to use the traditional insurance customers, as opposed to a primary insurer, and vice versa. It’s best for your specific needs and safety requirements.


    Source by Andries Malan

    Digesterol Review – Does it Really Work Digesterol?


    Digesterol a natural remedy, which is included in the category of non-prescription medication. It acts as an effective dietary supplement, which is a permanent cure for irritable bowel syndrome in both men and women.

    Unlike most chemical-based drugs, which are used to treat IBS, Digesterol contains no caustic chemicals that can damage the body’s system. The tropical ingredients in the medicine safely used by patients with IBS do not have to worry about the side effects of the medicine.

    irritable bowel syndrome is a syndrome that creates inconvenience and annoying pain in the stomach. The complications of this problem include groin pain and contractions, recurrent diarrhea, severe abdominal distension and bloating, heart burning acid reflux, stomach aches, back pain, anxiety, changes in heart rate, constant weight gain and shooting pains in the legs and hips.

    The exact cause of irritable bowel syndrome is still unknown to the medical world. Various reasons such as lifestyle, environment, adverse drug effects, stress and genetics believe that the cause of this health problem. Compared with the drugs that are currently available on the market Digesterol the only medicine that deals with the root cause of the problem. With the help of Digesterol you will be able to activate the healing center in the brain. Activation of the healing center in the brain, however, to restore the lost balance between the brain and stomach.

    The natural ingredients include this drug is proven effective in calming the brain to enhance the effectiveness of nerve endings in the stomach, thereby reducing the attack swelling, cramping and constipation in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

    The majority of patients who suffer from IBS appears to affect the psychological problems such as depression and lack of confidence. Since no one can predict when it will be released, most of them avoid appearing in public. By consuming Digesterol be able to reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome is largely short-term use. This helps the patient to revive the old self and regain the lost confidence in him.

    Unlike many other drugs, commonly used, irritable bowel syndrome, which treats only the symptoms of the disease, the drug helps to strengthen the entire digestive system, the body of the patient, to avoid a recurring problem in the future.


    Source by John D Stevens

    Business Telephone Answering Service


    business phone answering service is like having a virtual receptionist answering queries and calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! You can be forgiven for thinking that such a telephone answering service would be expensive? But in fact, such an error would be extremely cost-effective telephony services, and a member of staff is less than employing a similar role! These factors make it easy to understand why so many people opt for this business and why they were calling service will significantly improve the use of an answering service. The same is true when it comes to the productivity of the company or the company.

    Why do you need a telephone answering service, designed for businesses? The need arises, as the overflowing responses to customers around the clock, and a very difficult business representatives are trying to satisfy customer requests over the phone amid hectic schedules. Employing business answers phone calls on your behalf in other words, relieving them of responsibilities, expanding and growing business!

    Hosted PBX phone systems are pressed into service as part of a business phone answering service. Several typical decorative acknowledged PBX. These features include virtual receptionist, call screening, auto attendant, music on hold, caller ID, voicemail, fax to email, etc.

    greeting the caller has arranged the auto attendant feature and the caller is sent to voicemail service if the call is not picked up despite many rings. All these features are, of course, reinforce the building up a customer base that will help the cause of the company in the long run. In this great features it’s safe to say that such services are mandatory for all small businesses.


    Source by Matt Money