Karaka Lakes – Lakes of Karaka is a new development and a new life in a new development center

30 minutes south of Auckland. This upscale division provides an alternative way of life for the residents of the hustle and bustle of the city with a relaxed lifestyle in picturesque surrounds. In the past 12 months, the area has seen some significant developments in new areas of the division opened new avenues to the port opened, and the opening of the local school. Read more in this article about this new development, and why residents love living here.

part of the Karaka Lakes area is a new development south of Auckland. The first successful Karaka Harbourside development division, which quickly attracted the attention of many people looking for a new home in the central city. The Karaka Lakes development is closely followed, with the same parkland style layout and modern luxury homes are built.

Karaka many attractions. On the one hand because of its location near the Auckland motorway and Papakura train station made it easy commute for workers traveling to the central city or to the southern and eastern suburbs. Second, the price of a home and land package is reasonable compared to prices closer to the suburbs exhoborant ask. Third, there are two new school nearby, a foot and a zone of Karaka area and high-tenth so far. Last but not least, the codes in the Karaka incredibly well thought-out views of the harbor, park like lakes, wide sidewalks, playgrounds and associations to ensure that only quality building going on in the area.

This is not only a luxury housing in the area that attracts people, but the new lifestyle of people find the variables. Speaking to residents of Karaka Lakes, we found that there was a strong sense of community in the region, it is likely to attract like-minded people of the area. Residents spoken street dinners throughout the year, and even Christmas decoration competitions that one street in the carriage house that was used to drag the kids around.

The sense of space, well-lit streets and the community feel of what residents say that the area feels very safe. Some even commented that they were happy to run in the evening or early morning when it was dark, she felt safe in the new division. There are new sidewalks along the entire foreshore of the harbor side, which are wide enough for strollers.

For those who want to explore a little further, the Clevedon markets are a great place to visit on Sunday, Clarkes Beach is a nice place to visit to swim or picnic with the family, and the Botanical Gardens are a short drive away. Sports is the Massey Park Aquatic Centre Papakura, which is an Olympic-class swimming pool and wave pool for kids. Plus, the engine is the lovers Pukekohe Park race track is just 15 minutes away, and of course Hampton Downs is located just down the road. In addition, there are shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, theaters all within a short and easy drive, or you can catch the train to the city over the weekend.

As you can see, there are endless reasons Karaka attracted many new residents. If you want to live in Auckland or you want to improve your lifestyle, you can come and see for yourself.


Source by Paul C Clarke

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