What child care or preschool settings in Hobsonville Point Development Will Give


Previous articles in both attack and asked a few questions of the Hobsonville Land Company (HLC) and the Auckland Kindergarten Association (AKA) is the impact to Hobsonville point will be in the field of child care services. Today, represented by the Deputy GM AKA Peter Pablecheque and two support staff, frontman up to the parents and teachers of the Hobsonville North Kindergarten. The discussion is disappointing.

Essentially two questions 1. How to keep the kindergarten in some form or two on how to deal with panic to the children that other “local” kindys.

Peter confirmed the official notice has been given to the owners of the land (HLC) of the AKA and that the lease will expire in December 2011. He said the HLC was sad, but I had no choice but to cancel the lease because the location of the nursery and the approved design plan. The only way to find a nursery operating land and relocate the building. AKA own the building, there are plenty of toys and playground equipment, and even a little money in the bank kindergarten, over the years thanks to the support of the former parent companies and generous donations. Unfortunately, the land of the big stumbling block.

The HLC has already allocated a piece of land, “day care” about 130 meters north-east of the future site of the current kindergarten. However, the ground will be on the open market in 2013. ($ 1 Mil + the land alone) bid to purchase and build a day care center. AKA does not offer submission.

pointed out that the Te Kohanga Reo, which is currently located in Hobsonville Point land has been incorporated into the design plan, that land will not be put on the open market. An obvious line of questioning to the HLC, why? It may be common place ovi?

It has also been the Air Force’s an old ex-ovi unused, which would ensure the land must be kept in the nursery work. In fact, the idea arose to AKA for more than a year ago, and the response time would be to close the rest of kindys. When pushed, Peter said it is looking at other possibilities for land, and in fact have been “called someone from the North Shore council this week.”

Assuming the land is not found, the debate turned to the AKA Plan with regard to managing frantic children is one of the three neighboring nursery. Peter tried to reassure parents that the nursery will continue to operate until the lease’s expiration date in December 2011 – while the children are still present. Parents and members of the committee are extremely interested in Hobsonville ovi AKA redistribution plan and manage their children is one of the three available kindys. AKA The answer was that they will not know until the end of next year, when parents began to apply these kindys! A classic case of the tail wagging the dog, there was no plan, but a commitment to respond to events in a year’s time …

This is how it is explained that the AKA. The area of ​​the kindergarten healthy four roles. When closed, more pressure should be put on another 3 and the following year the HLC 80+ built and sold houses. The demand increases and supply decreases. Despite the fact that this simple explanation, AKA insisted it was not possible to plan because the numbers vary – 45 children in a kindergarten I do not wish to move to 45 within a year. What is true in terms of exact numbers, but since the above reasoning, demand should increase.

This means that lack of leadership (AKA) design and creates an early exit from kids in the Hobsonville North Kindergarten, parents try to get a jump and I assure themselves of a place in front of another nursery in December 2011, the AKA will add to the problems in the nursery will be forced to close early due to falling rolls, even more so on the waiting list.

Peter point out, however, that (unfortunately) kindergarten was not a legal requirement. It occurred to me that if the land is not found, the results expected for the parents of the Hobsonville Point community and surrounds the more expensive day-care facilities or long waiting and passing in front of the exposure to nursery school.


Source by Sarah E Collins

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