Top 10 Tips for Buying a trampoline


Buy a garden trampoline? Follow these top 10 tips for buying a trampoline, and find the right trampoline for you and your children to give you years of fun.

1. If you buy a trampoline, then get used to it, or ignore?

found all parents surprised if you had bought a trampoline, frequently in the amount of use, and time and again we hear them saying, “..the trampoline was the best thing I ever bought for the kids – they are, that every day. ” These remarks after only a week, and even years later.

2. Should I buy a round or square trampoline?

most common use of round trampoline in the garden, as they are less powerful than experienced gymnasts used by the rectangular trampoline. The circular trampolines, of course, directly on the jumper to the center of the trampoline mat, so more and more secure. Most kids would not be too dangerous for them to have a continuous rectangular trampolines at home without expert supervision for them and their friends.

Size 3?

Be sure to pick up much space trampoline in the garden. Round trampolines sold in the UK in size in feet refers to the diameter (or the full width of the very outside of the frame, the whole center of the outer frame on the other side). Sizes range from less than 6FT up to a whopping 16ft. You will also need to be about 18 inches around the trampoline to make room for the net enclosure flex when the user drops it. The best place in the garden of the new trampoline is fairly level, ideally free of protruding wires and branches. Why not measure and rope lying on the lawn to get an idea of ​​the space you take up, before you buy a trampoline online to avoid surprises when you arrive. It’s always a good idea to have the biggest trampoline enclosure that fits, and also that the budget can afford. Do not forget – most adults like to have great kids, and certainly you want to use a trampoline!

4. How long does it last?

Many modern trampolines are built to last and the last will and guarantees five years. With this in mind, do not just pick a trampoline, which is large enough for a child to use now – pick one that is still ideal for children to use in the coming years. This saves to buy a larger one after a few years.

5. How one supplier to use?

The trampoline package will be large and heavy, so most people will not have a car to collect a large enough and take home the store. Most trampoline so home delivered mail order or internet service provider. You need to pick one that specializes in the trampoline because it provides advice on choosing a trampoline, installation and ongoing support will be invaluable. He also holds stock and parts that may be needed in the future. Try to phone them how much they can own models. Some providers sell many different products and can be sold something else next year, whenever you need a spare part or an accessory. Find out how long they have been selling trampolines.

6. What are the characteristics of the product I look like?

Frame – the frame of the trampoline is the most important part, they are usually made of galvanized steel (a process that covers the metal against rust), and better quality ones will have galvanized protection both inside and the outer tube. Frames are powder may be cheaper, but provide much less protection against rust. The weakest part of the frame to which the circular ring is connected to the vertical. Most trampoline is welded joints, but these welds is of poor quality and even good-quality weld crack in time and makes the trampoline useless. Atlantic Trampolines, for example, uses the patented T-shaped in their trampoline, which eliminates the need to weld and the difficulties resulting from this construction method.

bounce mat and spring filling – a bounce mat must be strong and wear resistant. It also needs to be smooth, if a jumper falls against bare skin. Better use of a trampoline mat made of polypropylene Permatran, which is also UV-resistant and will stand up to years of direct sunlight. The spring padding is exposed to bright sunlight, and is used by many manufacturers of PE material breaks in a year’s time, or you use. Atlantic trampoline, such as polyester in the upper surface of the cushioning spring, which is a much longer service life.

The number of springs – Manufacturers generally produced number of springs used in all sizes of trampolines sold. Larger trampolines will have more resources than smaller ones. However, when compared to similar-sized trampoline from different manufacturers is one of the most spring is not necessarily the best or the strongest. required number of springs connected to the bounce optimum weight of the user. There are many resources may be very difficult or impossible for a young child jumping. If in doubt, ask your supplier for advice.

Weight limits – a trampoline sets of maximum safe weight limit. The weight limit is around 100kg (16 stone) should be sufficient for most families.

7. What kind of accessories you might consider buying?

Housing Security – always pick the set to Trampoline This includes the security scanner cover. No matter how old users, and how careful they are, you can be sure that it will be equipped with an accidental fall on the trampoline. If a housing is not provided with, even in the event of falls extra space around the trampoline. There are many different designs of the security housing market. As long as there is a good safety padding over the springs, and a net that ensures the outer circular frame of the trampoline is ideal. This maximizes the interior space is adventurous and somersaulter not prevent a net placed in the spring.

ladder – a trampoline ladder is essential as it allows easy access to the older, but especially for younger children. They are also less likely to jump off the trampoline and the risk of an injury. If you have very young children you can stop them achieve a trampoline when you are not present by putting the ladder away. We recommend a ladder, instead of a flat tube steps, these steps can be unpleasant for children to use without shoes. Some providers will automatically be included in a ladder on a trampoline, but others sell it as an extra item.

weather cover – an all-weather trampoline cover going through the trampoline mat and protects the leaves and bird droppings. It usually has a hole in the middle of the water through.

Anchor Kit – a trampoline anchor kit essential to leave the trampoline in the garden all year round. Although the trampoline with a heavy piece of equipment we saw them lift off the ground, even in small gardens where there is the possibility that the injured or cause damage to the house and other property. A kit will help anchor the trampoline safely to the ground during windy weather.

8. I’ve seen pictures trampoline tent , what are they all about?

Special trampoline tent is designed to sit like a dome on the trampoline and lower than the roof of a convertible car, so the user can jump, or you can use the tent with ease. Tents can provide useful all-weather play area for younger children and protect them from direct sunlight. Older children are offered the flexibility to turn on a trampoline in a den or place for a sleepover. For whatever reason, it can be bought, it means a trampoline can be used in all weather and at all stages of the year!

9. What about transportation?

When comparing the prices of products online, do not forget to check what would be the cost of shipping. Some retailers add a fixed feed-in tariffs, some charge extra weight of the packages and some are even free shipping. Delivery of the product is usually in the home during the week, but some offer Saturday delivery surcharge available. The product is heavy and the driver may need help. Make sure that there is some secret secure and store it until it is ready to be a trampoline.

10. What if I need to know more about ?

If you are uncertain about something, ring or e-mail to the retailer and ask. This helps to clarify the point, and you can also give you a chance to see how well they know the products and if you feel that you can buy from them with confidence.


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