The Integrated Resorts in Singapore


Integrated Resorts by definition a mixed development of resorts such as hotels, restaurants, convention center, amusement park, shopping mall, casino, etc. As part of the game – a casino, an integrated resorts development has stirred great debate among Singapore.

The Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Long announced the cabinet’s decision to develop two integrated resorts in Marina Bay and Sentosa. The Government of Singapore stated that the objective of the Integrated Resorts boast the country’s tourism industry. There have been very keen competition from neighboring countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong. According to the Government, the Integrated Resorts is expected to be a form of 35,000 jobs directly and indirectly.

There was debate among the Singaporeans on the plan to build Integrated Resorts. Religious groups and social workers expressed disagreement with the negative social effects of gambling.

However, the government promised to gaming social impact of proper and strict safety limit, including excessive entry fee and the casinos did not credit for the local population .

Marina Bay Sands

is located in the Marina South in Singapore. Currently operating pretigious some hotels, like the Ritz Charlton Millenium, Oriental Hotel, Marina Mandarin and Pan Pacific Hotel. It will be a beautiful view of the sea and relaxing environment.

The Government of Singapore called for request for concept in December 2004 received an overwhelming response from the industry. A total of 19 applications were submitted during the application of the concept.

The official offer was later four companies / consortia submitted bids, including: – (i) MGM Mirage / Capital Land, (ii) Harrah’s Entertainment / Keppel Land, (iii) the Las Vegas Sands and (iv ) Genting International / Star Cruises.

Finally, Las Vegas Sands succeeded in their bids, undertaking the largest development investmetn S $ 3850000000th The concept was designed conference rooms with three-layer shell Moshe Sofdie consisting of three hotel towers linked to the top floor of a sky garden.

Resorts World at Sentosa

Sentosa, which means transquility popular Malaysian island resort in Singapore. Previously, it was known as Pulau Belakang Mati (Island of Death from the rear). Statistics show that, looking ahead to the approximately 2 million people per year. This is a protected beach is more than 2 km of the southern coast, historic Fort Siloso the Second World War, two golf courses and two five-star hotels.

The island has an area of ​​5 square kilometers. 70% of it is covered by secondary rainforest. This habitat monitor lizards, monkeys, peacocks, parrots, and the natural flora and fauna.


inception of development in 1972, some S $ 420 million of private capital and government have invested S $ 500 million fund to develop the island.

three consortia submitted the proposal on 10 October 2006. These are: (i) Kerzner International Capital Land; (II) Genting International Star Cruises Universal Studios, and (iii) Eight Wonder of the release and Broadcasting Limited, Melco International Development Limited, Isle of Capri Casino Inc.

In addition to the bid an inter-ministerial committee and the tender evaluation committee and the results on december 8, 2006, Genting International and Star Cruises won the bid. Genting committed to a development investment of S $ 3850000000th

the end of 2009. These will be a totally better position tourism in Singapore by 2 Integrated Resorts completed and in operation in the region compared to its competitors.


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