The Cayman Islands Guide to Having a baby


If the Caymans for a second chance, or to begin a new job can be a very exciting time in the lives of young couples. When you start a new life in a new location, to be prepared, what can happen is essential, and it includes an unexpected and unplanned pregnancies. If baby on the islands, it is important to be aware of the general attitude towards the state of pregnancy, infants and children, as well as how and where to be found before birth and delivery of care. If you have recently moved, and taking into account the family, in the following presentation of detail Cayman having a baby on the islands.


The Cayman Islands is considered pretty child and family friendly, and there is a general positive attitude to pregnancy and children. Babies and children are welcome in most places and most restaurant offers diners a high chair. Many young families, as well as many nannies and helpers rental, full and part-time. Help the home is also considered to be very favorable on the islands.


Many obstetricians available in the Cayman Islands to work out of hospitals and health centers. Most obstetricians have access to 3D and 4D imaging equipment and obstetricians specializing in pre-natal, pre-natal and post-birth care and management of high-risk pregnancies, infertility management, early fetal testing and so on. Cayman doctors who specialize in obstetrics include Dr. Howard Deosaran the Trincay Medical Centre, Dr. Gregory Richmond-Peck and Dr. Barry Richter Cayman Clinic.


If you’re planning a traditional childbirth, home to two major hospitals in Cayman, the Cayman Islands Hospital and the Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital. The first part of the Health Authority and two facilities located in Georgetown. While some doctors a particular preference, most shipping in the hospital of your choice. If you prefer to use a midwife to the birth, you can choose to meet the women’s Health Centre. Choosing a specialized hospital in the United States it is sometimes recommended for mothers persistent high-risk pregnancies or who have a high risk of complications.


Healthcare should not be in the Cayman Islands, and having a child is expensive. Once you know you are pregnant, it is important to contact your insurer to find out which cover costs. The extent to cover the costs vary depending on the insurance plan, and may not include pre-natal care, delivery, hospital stay and neonatal care. The typical cost of a midwife transportation, three nights in a hospital is a Cayman Islands Cayman Islands nearly $ 4,000 dollars, while private doctors will charge additional fees.

If you find yourself pregnant Islands, the Cayman Guide prenatal care, hospitals, transport and the cost can be very useful. Creating an action plan for prenatal care, childbirth and post-natal care early is essential for a healthy, happy pregnancy that is as carefree as possible. Expanding your family is an exciting time in life, and one that should be enjoyed to the fullest.


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