Inbound Call Center and longest delay lines


Call centers are one of the most controversial companies. While some argue the validity or invalidity of outsourcing as a whole, others are enchanted by the horde of career opportunities, possibilities and opportunities for people. But not too much to understand many of the terms commonly used in this area very specifically. In this article, I write about the two most used phrases – inbound call center and LDQs (the longest period of time may have to wait until phone calls to the contact center).

Incoming Information Centre

This is one of the most commonly used jargons in the outsourcing industry. An incoming call is initiated by the consumer in a contact center. This customer may be the outside and inside. For example, in the event of the employer’s technical helpdesk or service provider, the caller is an employee of the company.

According to the support center only receives the calls or not, they can be classified as inbound, outbound and blended centers. However, most of the times is also observed that while a customer service center can only output environment; Almost all of these service providers have certain proportion of outbound calls being generated from the desktop.

The incoming executive power to measure a number of indicators. Some of them may be on the line time, AHT, FCR, ACT scores, etc. However, more and more perfect customer service in general, the majority of customer service centers to find soft skills are an important part of the performance measurement parameters.

Most inbound centers to communicate with customers, not only for voice but also for e-mail and chat. Furthermore, most inbound centers provide service targets that are working on reaching a certain SLA (service level agreement)


Another term that is often used in business strategists also LDQ. LDQ is the longest delay line. This term indicates the longest time in a row all customers; while waiting for the call to respond or before the client hangs up.

The business indicators, LDQ is a very important parameter to measure the overall performance of the contact center. Smaller examples LDQs be shorter AHTS or higher drug availability and low volume in general. Longer LDQs other hand indicate that the potential customer dissatisfaction higher level, the higher and larger quantities of AHT. Longer LDQs also lead to a greater number of fast clear descriptions.

Every offshore service allows you to be sure to find the best possible balance given the number of available agents time and in advance the number of inbound connections initiated in order to have access to the WFM software is effective.

The call center metrics, LDQ fall into two broad categories – the longest delay to the phone or the longest delay or abandon the action. While the longest delay before the answer for the longest time an agent answers the phone, the longest delay to give up the maximum time for which each client waits before it hangs up.

Customers also appreciate the customer services of the companies in which they live through LDQs shorter and faster response time.


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