Facial Started – How to Do a Home Facial dry, normal and oily skin


knew how to do a facial at home with your favorite homemade facial recipes brilliantly quick skin pick-me-up to exercise it by activating blood circulation and thus oxygen and nutrients to the surface. You can do a home using homemade face masks, or you know of a facial steam. Almost all the masks contain a high percentage of water; rapid evaporation, causing the application to the next to be cool, relaxing and contracting. As a home facial is a great way to pamper yourself, relax and improve your complexion.

Follow these steps to make your home a professional face, it takes about half an hour.

Step 1 Smooth hair away from the face and neck, tie clip, or back out of the way.

using the application Step 2: cleaning the skin contouring movement (see below):

Neck: use long alternating stroke key bone of the jaw line.
Shut the center line, smooth chin up and out of the ear, nose to the temples; Stroke down the sides of the nose outwards.
Front: stroke up to the ambitious a hairline fracture.
Eyes: Use one of the mountain, finger pat , starting from the center of the eyes to a semi-circle goes outward and upward in both eyes.

Step 3 Tissue or rinse off depending on gain.

Step 4 of the cotton wool pad, to apply the paint to remove the last traces of the drug.

Step 5. Dot is a light moisturizer forehead, cheeks and chin; mixed.

Step 6 Rinse clean with warm water.

Step 7: Apply a mask for the whole of face and throat; leave a free ride delicate eye area.

Step 8: Cover your eyes with cotton wool pads soaked in milk or alcohol-free fragrance. Leave the mask and lying down to rest for 20 minutes.

Step 9 After 20 minutes, remove all traces of a mask, wipe the face and throat with a towel; finish off a fine moisturizer.

homemade facial recipes

You can use the following natural homemade facial recipes when you do not face a home; leaving them at least 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean warm water.

crushed strawberries: Use them alone or mixed with oatmeal.
Ripened pears: give an astringent for oily skin action.
cabbage: apply a small amount of juice green cabbage leaves.
Cucumber mask: mash or grind enough to cover the face; it’s refreshing.
Honey mask: 2 tablespoons of honey and ½ teaspoon lemon juice or cider vinegar.
face brewer’s yeast 1 teaspoon of powdered yeast and 2 teaspoons warm water to adjust consistency thus spread like a paste.
beating the white of an egg – with the optional addition of ¼ teaspoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar; good or oily skin balanced.
Another version of an egg white face, to beat it with a tablespoon of skim milk.
Mix egg yolk with a few drops of cider vinegar and a small amount of vegetable oil; good for dry skin.

Steam Facial

found that in itself stimulates facial steam. Steam encourages the pores to push dirt and impurities; It promotes sweating and stimulates blood circulation.

If you have sensitive skin or broken blood vessels do not be tempted to do without a home facial consult a professional first.

Steaming the herb infusions are preferred. Pour boiling water over the herbs in a bowl; a towel to the head face and vapor tent over the bowl for 10 minutes. Wipe the skin dry, sound, and then moisturize.

The following herbs boxes can be used separately if not a home facial or a combination of homemade steam facial

The cleansing, soothing: chamomile, lady ‘s mantle, nettle, rosemary, thyme.
The tightening: peppermint, elderberry flower tincture of benzoin, gum arabic.
Drying: yarrow.
Healing: leek, comfrey, fennel .

When the mask is removed, you will notice the expanded blood vessels and the skin looks rosy; liquid ethers plumps the enlarged top of the inner layer, smoothing the skin and seals the pores.

There will be a marked improvement in the appearance of the skin, and although it is a “mask effect” is temporary, the skin is stimulated and exercised.

Attempt to find a variety of face masks that suits your skin best.

warned though; do not use facial mask at home has not been tried before a big event such as wedding or an important date. The action of bringing the entire mask impurities from the skin surface. This may mean that there will be a slight break for a few days.

If you have oily skin should use a mask twice a week, if you have dry or normal skin, you only need to do a home facial once a week.


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